Ensure you get the coverage and performance from your wireless network with our wireless site surveys

A Wireless Site Survey is key to the correct design and setup of any Wireless network regardless of size or the type of that network.

Wireless is invisible to the human eye, so we use specialist software to see what is happening in the airspace. Our Wireless Site Survey helps to understand and gain visibility of the many factors that may affect your Wireless Solution, whether you are deploying a new wireless solution, upgrading an existing or experiencing issues with your current one, allowing us to remediate or plan around them.

Our team of wireless experts use industry-leading equipment that allows us to conduct accurate surveys and deliver a comprehensive report for your site.

How we can help

Identify Access Point Placement

By performing a physical site survey we will be able to identify the exact location where we can install your access points.

Predict Access Point Numbers

Using our specialist software we can predict and provide a realistic estimate of the number of access points you will require for your wireless solution.

Validate Coverage and Performance

Our physical site surveys enable us to physically see the coverage your wireless network has and test the performance throughout your whole site.

Identify Problems

Out troubleshooting wireless survey will look at the RF spectrum to identify anything that maybe interfere with your wireless network and identify gaps in your coverage.

Our wireless survey options

Predictive Survey

Physical Survey

Troubleshooting Survey

Wireless Networks for Education

Wireless Network solutions and services for small and large schools.

We offer special educational discounts.

Predictive Survey

By using the most highly advanced survey tool on the market, we can simulate access point location simply by importing a copy of your site plans into our tool.

On occasion, site plans can be inaccurate so we complement our predictive surveys with an initial on-site assessment of your environment. We verify the site plans and gather vital information, such as the wall types to ensure our predictive surveys are as accurate as possible.

We import your floor plans into our survey tool and overlay all walls before automatically generating access point location, giving an estimated number of access points, coverage and the signal to noise ratio expected.

Physcial Survey

A physical on-site Survey provides an accurate point-in-time survey of your site’s airspace. We always aim to survey your site using the same access points you are planning for your solution.

We perform a physical Site Survey because to identify the type of access points you need; identify the best location for each access point and identify if there are any factors that negatively affect your solution that we need to plan around.

The output from a physical site survey is a report that details all our findings and the correct location to install your access points.

Troubleshooting Survey

If you are having issues with your Wireless Solution, a Troubleshooting Survey is perfect.

A Troubleshooting Wireless Site Survey will look at RF Spectrum to help identify anything that maybe interfering with your wireless network and/or gaps in your coverage. 

Our team of wireless experts use industry-leading wireless surveying tools to troubleshoot your wireless network, providing a report of our findings and any remediations that can be made to improve the issues being experienced.

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