Secure & Scalable Wireless for the modern workplace

As we continue to embrace the digital world of today, wireless is fast becoming the most popular choice when connecting to the network.

Ensuring you have a enterprise grade wireless network that is capable of providing fast and secure connectivity for your workforce is key for organisations today.

Infra Dynamic help organisations of all sizes to ensure they have the right wireless solution for their needs. With our past experience within military wireless and partnerships with a variety of leading wireless manufacturers, we are well placed to design and deliver the best wireless service for both the private and public sector.

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Wireless Design

Wireless can be unpredictable, with many factors affecting the way it operates. Therefore the design of your wireless network is critical to both the performance and security it provides.

Our wireless network design service consists of;

  • Wireless Requirement Assessment
  • Wireless Site Surveys (both predictive and on site)
  • Wireless Authentication
  • Guest Wireless Capabilities
  • SSID Requirements
  • Controller / Cloud based Solution
  • Cabling & Power Requirements

Our team of expert wireless engineers will design and deploy an enterprise grade wireless solution that meets both the needs and budget for your business.

Wireless Installations

Ensuring your wireless network has been installed and configured to meet the required design and requirements is key to how the service operates.

Our team of wireless installation engineers make the wireless design reality, with the ability to supply, install and configure your wireless solution.

From the supply of devices, installation of cabling, mounting of access points (indoor / outside), configuration of the backbone LAN, configuration of the relevant wireless devices to post install surveys for coverage verification, we take care of everything for you, delivering a enterprise grade wireless network solution that meets your needs.

Wireless Support

Ensuring you have the right technical expertise to complement your wireless solution can be a tough and costly task.

We can help overcome the challenge with our 24/7 team of in-house wireless support technicians available to assist you when required. Our additional monitoring and alerting service for your wireless network ensures your wireless network is fully monitored by our Network Operations Center (NOC), and in the event of a problem, automatically creates a support ticket for immediate investigation and resolution.

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