Get a wireless network tailored for students, staff, guests and IoT devices designed and delivered by us

Ensuring you have the right wireless solution is critical to success as the demand for smart learning increases in schools.

With the increase in smart devices and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) used for teaching and learning, whether in classrooms, libraries, lecture halls or even remotely, students and teachers rely more than ever on high-performing and reliable wireless. Ensuring you have the right wireless solution is critical and every school implementation is different. Not only do you need to ensure the wireless solution compliments the devices relying on it, but it is key to ensure the wireless is secure.

We specialise in deploying and supporting wireless solutions within the Education sector, ensuring they are secure, reliable, resilient and designed to support the growing demands of smart learning devices and remote learning.

Find out what our Wireless Services can do for you.

How we can help

High Density Deployments

We can ensure your wireless network can cater for a large number of wireless devices such as iPads, Chromebooks and IoT devices.

Faster Network Delivery

We have a great team of wireless engineers who will be able to provide fast and efficient delivery of your wireless network.

Simplify Management

We can provide a solution with a simple management solution, allowing your in-house IT teams to easily manage it after it has been installed.

Guest Wireless

We can provide Guest Wi-Fi with the right level of security controls in place to keep your students and guests safe.

Network Solutions for Education

Local Area Network solutions and services for small and large schools.

We offer special educational discounts.


Procurement Service

Buy hardware and licencing through us.

Managed Wireless

Get the right help and support when things go wrong.

Design & Build Service

Get your wireless solution built by our experts.

Wireless Surveys

Full range of Wireless Site Surveys to suit your requirements.

Consultation Service

Get the right advice and guidance for your network.

Guest Wireless

Secure Guest Wireless capabilities including guest portals

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