Identifying the vulnerabilities in your business

As cyber security and technology evolves, new threats and vulnerabilities are constantly emerging, putting your organisation at risk of being exploited by the cyber criminals.

Whilst vendors do their best to patch their devices against vulnerabilities, it can be an operational nightmare to keep on top of every device and application to ensure it has the latest patches or software revision.

Our security assessment service helps identify, assess and address key security vulnerabilities and weaknesses within your organisation, helping to keep your organisation protected.

Secure your Devices

Minimise your Risks

Validate your Compliance

What does our security assessment do?

Our security assessment uses industry leading software to audit every device in your infrastructure ranging from firewalls, switches, workstations, servers and laptops to identify vulnerabilities and security risks associated with these devices. We then evaluate these reports to create a security audit that includes current risks, remediation tasks and prevention techniques and tools to help keep you protected in the future.

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