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The traditional office is demanding an expansion in mobility services to enable staff to work from anywhere as organisations increasingly adopt more hybrid ways of working and start to scale down conventional office space. For many businesses, this also means enabling the workforce to use their own devices on the network. This change presents many challenges from a security and management perspective, and legacy wireless networks may not have the ability to rise to the challenge.

In addition, as we start to adopt more Cloud-based services and applications that consume high bandwidth, such as HD video and voice calls, legacy wireless networks may become problematic and degrade the overall user experience of wireless connectivity.

Fortunately, there has also been an evolution of wireless networks that answers many of the challenges business now face with wireless connectivity. Wi-Fi 6 brings a whole new experience by offering higher bandwidth capabilities and the return of the 2.4GHz range, which has been largely due to the developments in wireless technology.


Here at Infra Dynamic, we have an expert team of wireless network engineers who can help create a wireless solution for your business. Our team’s knowledge and expertise in wireless technology started with military wireless communications and they continued to develop their skills in enterprise wireless networks, so you can rest assured they know their stuff.

We work with you to understand what you want to get out of a wireless network from basic connectivity to something more advanced, such as location-based services. We create a Solutions Requirements document to capture all the relevant information when we have identified your requirements.

We develop a solution based on the Solution Requirements document although we may need to perform Wireless Site Surveys to ensure you achieve the correct solution for your business.

Our team configure and professionally install your solution and ensure it meets all requirements detailed in the Solution Requirements document. This installation concludes with a final benchmark Wireless Site Survey.


Wireless Procurement Service

We are a reseller of many great vendors such as Cisco, Aruba and many more if you’re looking to purchase wireless hardware and licensing. You can purchase your products and licencing through us.

Wireless Design & Installation Service

Our team of network experts design and professionally install your solution following industry best practices and vendor-validated designs.

Wireless Support Service

Our leading IT support services provide you with the help and support your business needs to ensure your wireless network is well-maintained and the right people are always there to identify and resolve any issues.

Wireless Consulting Service

If you’re just looking for some consultation, our team can provide you with all the sound advice and guidance you need with networking products and features.

Wireless Site Survey Service

We offer in-depth Wireless Site Surveys using industry-leading tools and equipment and produce detailed reports for each site.

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With our Business Essentials IT Support estimator, you can see how much our IT Support will cost you.

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