Wide Area Network solutions & services for business.

The Wide Area Network, also known as the WAN, facilitates connectivity between sites and private Clouds. Traditionally, the Wide Area Network was MPLS or an IPsec VPN over the public internet.

However, the last evolution of Wide Area Networks introduced a software-defined approach to facilitate and manage network connectivity as an overlay network. Software-defined WANs have enabled organisations to decouple the WAN from their internet and MPLS providers and transform their networks to be more dynamic and much more suitable for Cloud connectivity.

With more organisations adopting Cloud services, the WAN is now pivoting towards facilitating connectivity not only between existing sites, but into a multi-hybrid Cloud deployment which presents new challenges for organisations.


We can help by working with your business to fully understand your connectivity needs and requirements, for now and the future, and develop a Solution Requirements document that details all the criteria for your WAN.

We create a solution based on the information in the Solution Requirements Document that will meet all your requirements and budgets.

With your agreement, our expert Engineering team develop a full solution design following all industry best practices and vendor-validated designs.

We can still provide you with our available options if you’re looking for connectivity such as direct internet access or MPLS.

We configure and professionally install your Wide Area Network solutions, ensuring we minimise any impact to your business.

If you would like support for you Wide Area Network, our IT support may be just what you’re looking for.


Router and SD-WAN Procurement Service

Whether you are looking for a basic router or something more advanced, such as Software Defined Wide Area Network, we are a reseller of many great vendors such as Cisco, Aruba, Fortinet and many more. You can purchase all your products and licensing through us.

Wide Area Network Design & Installation Service

Our team of network experts design and professionally install your solution following industry best practices and vendor-validated designs.

Network Support Service

Our leading IT support services provide you with the help and support your business needs to ensure your network is well-maintained and the right people are always there to identify and resolve any issues.

Network Consultation Service

If you’re just looking for some consultation, our team can provide you with all the sound advice and guidance you need with networking products and features.


Find out how much our IT Support costs.

With our Business Essentials IT Support estimator, you can see how much our IT Support will cost you.

Schedule Your Free Consultation.

Whether you’re looking to forge a new partnership or investigating new solutions and services, our team will be able to help.

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