Our Microsoft Azure Services help businesses in the Cloud

Many businesses trust Microsoft to host their applications and services in Azure and are realising the benefits of moving to the Cloud.

Infra Dynamic is a Cloud Service Provider, and we are experts in Microsoft Azure. We can provide everything from planning your deployment to in-life support and optimisation.

Microsoft Azure offers over 200 services, and understanding the right way to design and deploy cloud services can be a daunting task. Luckily, we have a team of Cloud subject-matter experts who can help move and support your business in the Cloud.

Ready to start adopting Microsoft Azure Cloud Services? Read on to discover more about our Microsoft Azure Services.


Deploying and supporting services in Microsoft Azure can be a challenge, especially as there are many different products and services that can benefit your business. Understanding how to deploy applications and services correctly and security are paramount to ensure you safeguard your mission critical services in the Cloud.

Not every business is the same, and each organisation may have their own requirements for integrating its digital ecosystem into the Cloud. Or, you may not have the right skills in-house and have a business need to adopt Microsoft Azure solutions and services.

Whatever your reasoning, our Cloud team have the right skills and experience to help your business deploy, adopt and support Cloud services in Microsoft Azure so you can maximise the return on your investment to move to the Cloud.


Microsoft Azure Consulting Service
Our Cloud Consultants and Engineers have been designing, building and supporting Microsoft Azure for many years. Over this time, the team have gained the knowledge and experience to undertake some of the most complex and challenging Microsoft Azure deployments and migrations.

Our Microsoft Azure Consultancy service has been designed to provide you with subject-matter experts who provide all the help, advice, and guidance to ensure your Cloud deployment is successful.

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Microsoft Azure Deployment Service
Because our engineering team has the knowledge, skills and experience from many complicated and large Azure deployments, we are well-placed to undertake a new or existing Azure deployment. Our specialist team work with your business to plan and execute, ensuring the deployment is fast and efficient whilst following industry best practices and not compromising security.

Our Microsoft Azure Deployment Service ensures your deployment to the Cloud runs as smoothly as possible and provide you with the expertise to overcome any complex challenge.

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Microsoft Azure Optimization Service
One of the benefits of solutions deployed in Microsoft Azure is the ability to optimise your service and make potential cost savings. Our team have helped many organisations to review their deployment and provide recommendations where services can be optimised to make savings. The team work with your business to execute recommended changes so you can start reducing your Cloud costs.

Our Microsoft Azure Optimisation Service helps your business to understand what improvements can be made with your deployment and enable you to realise the benefits of optimisation sooner.

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Microsoft Azure Connectivity Service
You may be moving your apps and services further away from your end-users when you deploy solutions and services into Microsoft Azure, where they have previously been hosted within a data centre. Ensuring you have the right connectivity in place is vital if you want to maintain a good user experience. We have helped many businesses with connectivity to Microsoft Azure and are able to advise and implement the right solution for your business.

Our Microsoft Azure Connectivity service ensures that connectivity to your Cloud Service is as fast, reliable and resilient as possible to safeguard connectivity to Microsoft Azure.

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Managed Microsoft Azure Cloud
As a Microsoft Cloud Service Provider, we offer Managed Microsoft Azure Cloud as standard with our Business Essentials Technical Support offering.

Our Business Essentials Technical Support Service provides your business with the advice, guidance and management to ensure your business IT operation keeps running smoothly. Our technical support team fix and resolve any issues when there is a problem.

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