Do you need a managed firewall?

Firewalls are fundamental to protecting the network from unauthorised access, web content filtering to inspecting traffic flows for malicious data. They are also required to comply with mandates such as PCI DSS, HIPAA and GDPR.

Companies that do not have the capability or personnel to manage firewalls or security devices can close a security gap in their network with our Managed Firewall Service.


Depending on whether you already have a firewall or are looking for a new product, we have a solution that will fit your business. We take operational responsibility of your security devices if you already have a firewall that meets our minimum standards for a business grade managed firewall.

However, if you do not have a firewall that meets our minimum standard, you can either purchase a new firewall or lease a firewall from us for the duration of your agreement.

We work with you to understand your business cyber security needs and requirements before configuring and installing your managed firewalls. We ensure the firewalls provide your business with maximum protection and are in line with regulatory commitments. After everything is set up, we manage the firewalls for the duration of your agreement.


Firewall Operational Management

We take full operational responsibility for your firewall. Our support team work to resolve the problem as soon as possible if there are any security events or issues.

Unlimited Firewall Rule Change Requests

We understand that you may wish to make changes to your firewall configurations. You can make unlimited changes to your firewall configurations by following our normal change request process.

Full monitoring and Alerting

We add your firewall into our monitoring and alerting systems so we can keep a watchful eye on the health and performance of the firewalls and be alerted if there are any security breaches.

Audit Reporting

We provide you with the Security Audit reports you require from your firewall devices.

Firewall Installation and Setup

We work with your business to understand your security requirements and configurate and install your firewall at your business premises.

Firewall Procurement

We are a reseller of many leading brands and can scope out the best firewall for your business if you need to purchase a new product.

Firewall Lease Agreement

We offer Firewall Lease Agreements if you do not wish to purchase a firewall outright, where we lease you a firewall for the duration of your agreement with us.

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