Ensuring your network meets the demands of today’s digital world!

With the increase of digitalization in organisations, the demand placed on the network is ever increasing. The network is key to ensuring your services run to their optimal state, whether that is the wide-area network, local-area network or wireless.

It is now more important than ever to ensure your network is designed, configured and operating to best reflect your organisations requirements.

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Network Assessments

With networks continually evolving to meet the needs of the organisation, it is paramount you have a full understanding of how your network is designed, configured and operating which can prove to be a challenge. It is easy to lose sight of the devices in your network and how efficiently they are operating to suit the needs of the business and all the services which are running over it today.

Our Network Assessment service helps organisations gain a solid understanding of the network architecture and how it aligns to your requirements. We perform a full discovery of your network, identifying all the devices that make up the network service and the current design and configuration of those devices. An analysis of your network is then conducted against your business strategy to develop any recommendations that will optimize and enhance your network to ensure it compliments the services it delivers whilst aligning to the needs of the organisation.

Network Design

The Network Design is key for any organisation to ensure that the services that run over it perform to their full capabilities, by ensuring all aspects of the network takes into account performance, security, reliability, accessibility and scalability requirements.

Infra Dynamic can help organisations ensure their network is designed correctly and utilising the right technologies and vendors to best suit their requirements. We provide both high and low level design documents that detail the full design and setup of the network.

Our team of expert architects are highly skilled in every aspect of networking from wide-area networking, local-area networking and wireless.

Network Installation

Ensuring your network is built and configured as per the required design is fundamental to the ongoing operation and support of that network. Network installations can prove to be time-consuming and complex without the right skills at hand, from pre-staging the network hardware to the physical installation of devices such as switches or wireless access points.

Infra Dynamic can help by providing a team of highly skilled engineers with years of experience across multiple vendor technologies, ranging from small office to large campus deployments. Our expert engineers can install and configure the devices required to provide the right network for you.

Network Upgrades

There comes a time when the existing network isn’t able to keep up with the demands placed on it. Networks have evolved rapidly over recent years to be able to cope with the new requirements placed on it by the digital world we live in today.

Our network upgrade service can help transform your existing network by combining the assessment, design and installation to ensure your network is ready to support your business.

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