Get a fast, reliable and cost effective Network Solution for your School

More schools than ever are depending on online resources as the volume of mobile and Internet of Things (IOT) devices on the network increase and demand for higher bandwidth. The network underpins all connectivity for wired and wireless devices so it is imperative that the network is robust, reliable and can cope with the ever-increasing demands.

Enterprise-grade networks are ideal for educational establishments, although the cost is often a disincentive for Schools. Our partnership with our vendors enables us to apply for educational discounts that enable schools to purchase enterprise-grade equipment and licensing at a fraction of the usual costs.

Our team have designed and installed many networking solutions for the Education sector, so we understand the needs and requirements a school demands from a network.

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How we can help

Educational Discounts

As a network partner for many great vendors, you will be able to apply for a special educational discount for your solution through us.

Automated Network Delivery

We will automate network deployments, leading to reduced installation times and costs whilst removing and risk of human errors.

Validated Designs

All our network solutions follow the vendor’s validated designs and our years of experience in deploying network solutions within the education sector. 

Maximise Availability

We can maximise the availability of your solutions with our UK based support services, where we keep a watchful eye on the networks health and performance.

Wireless Networks for Education

Wireless Network solutions and services for small and large schools.

We offer special educational discounts.

Our Services

Procurement Service

Buy hardware and licencing through us.

Managed LAN

Get the help needed to manage and support your network.

Design & Build Service

Get your Local Area Network designed and built by our specialists.

Data Cabling

We supply and install your structured cabling, including fibre.

Consultation Service

Get the right advice and guidance for your network.

Cloud Managed

Simplify network management from the Cloud

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