Internet Connectivity

Infra Dynamics are an authorised internet service provider that can help organisations ensure they have the right connectivity in place to suit their needs .

We offer two types of internet connection, Business Broadband and Direct Internet Access (DIA).

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Business Broadband

Infra Dynamics can provide organisations with an enterprise broadband connection, ranging from ADSL, 4G/5G to SuperFast Fibre dependant on your needs.

Business broadband is perfect for smaller organisations who do not require the guarantee of a dedicated internet circuit.

Why Infra Dynamics?

Infra Dynamic can help you choose the right service to suit your needs.

We will manage the installation and support of your circuit throughout its life cycle.

Infra Dynamics can offer additional benefits to the service such as a fully managed WAN service utilising technologies such as SD-WAN.

DIA Services

Infra Dynamics can provide organisations with a dedicated internet access (DIA) circuit, providing you with a guaranteed and uncontended reliable internet service with no data caps. We can offer speeds from 10Mb to 10Gb.

DIA is perfect for organisations who depend on that reliable connection for their business critical applications, cloud based applications or VOIP (voice over IP) services.

Why Infra Dynamics?

The Infra Dynamic team can help to ensure you select and pay for the right service that suits you.

We offer a range of different services on our DIA option, including the flexibility to scale bandwidth up/down as your needs change, 24/7 support, a fully managed SD-WAN service and more.

Infra Dynamics will manage the installation, upgrade and support of your connection throughout the life cycle of that circuit.

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