Keeping your business protected from the cyber criminals!

Cyber Attacks are on the rise and becoming more sophisticated every day as we continue to move to a digital world. Ensuring your organisation is protected from these attacks is not only critical to the operation of your business, but also the financial impact associated with it.

Firewalls are critical to any organisation to protect your organisation from the threat of cyber attacks, whilst also acting as enablers for other useful services such as VPN termination points.

Next Generation Firewalls

Next Generation Firewalls combine the traditional firewall with additional features such as application and user control, intrusion prevention and anti-malware to help keep your organisation protected.

Firewall Installation

Installing and configuring firewalls can seem a daunting task. A simple configuration mistake can lead to operational downtime or the potential to leave your organisation exposed to attacks.

Combined with our years of experience installing, configuring and managing firewalls, we partner with several leading security vendors to be able to supply and install the right firewall for you.

Our team of network security experts will design, install and configure your firewall, allowing you to rest assured that your organisation is safe from the cyber criminals.

Firewall Upgrades

As cyber attacks evolve, the intelligence of firewalls to prevent them has also had to evolve. Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW) provide more protection than your traditional firewall.

Many traditional firewalls no longer protect your organisation adequately against the newer types of cyber attacks.

Upgrading firewalls can be a time consuming task, especially when migrating between different vendors. Our team of network security experts can help you upgrade to the right firewall for your organisation, ensure the right design alongside migrating all the required services and rule base across to the new device.

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