Protecting your organisations Email and Web traffic from the threats online.

One of the most common types of security attack is aimed at the end user, usually via email or via a link to a non legitimate website.

Phishing is a term used when attackers use systems such as email to send legitimate looking communications with the aim of gaining username, passwords, financial details or other sensitive information. A lot of phishing attacks rely on fake looking webpages which replicate legitimate ones in the look and feel, so that end users will put their details in without realising.

Ensuring your organisation is protected against attacks such as phishing, malware and other online based attacks is critical. Email Protection and Web Security are two key components to ensure you are adequately protected against the threats online.

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Email Security

With email the most used tool for communication in the world, it makes it the prime source of most cyber attacks, causing major and well publicised breaches over the past few years.

Ensuring your end users are protected from threats such as phishing and zero day attacks alongside the traditional threats such as malware and spam is critical to your organisation.

Infra Dynamic provides both cloud and on premise email security from a variety of leading partners, ensuring a comprehensive solution preventing both known and emerging threats before they reach your users inbox. By using policy based controls, it gives your organisation the flexibility to control what is blocked and what is allowed.

Our email protection service can be fully managed by our expert support teams or delivered as a professional service for you to manage in house.

Web Security

Protecting your end users against the threats online is essential to keeping both your organisation and users safe. The internet is a great place, but with it comes a long list of threats. Web Filtering protects against inappropriate Content, Malware, Phishing and Viruses.

Infra Dynamic provides protection against the above along with monitoring capabilities on internet access. Granular content filtering allows your organisation to block content which is not deemed appropriate for your end users either by categories or custom URLs.

We offer both traditional on premise web filtering, cloud based solutions and DNS filtering services, ether fully managed by our support team or delivered via our professional services teams.

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