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Migrating to the cloud can seem like a daunting task for a lot of organisations. How to migrate your applications and services efficiently, connectivity restraints and costs are just some of the most common concerns and mistakes that we see today when it comes to adopting a cloud environment.

Infra Dynamic help organisations on their journey to the cloud, ensuring a smooth and efficient migration to the right cloud solution. From our cloud readiness assessment, migration services and our expertise in cloud connectivity, we cover all the bases needed to help you adopt a cloud centric world.

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Cloud Assessments

Our Cloud Readiness Assessment helps you understand if you are cloud ready. We perform a full analysis of your existing IT estate including discovering the suitability of your applications and workloads for migration, the connectivity requirements to ensure your services still run efficiently and a cost analysis to identify the most suited provider, model and approach for migrating to the cloud.

  • Cloud Gap-Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Cloud Provider Assesment
  • Connectivity Assessment
  • Migration Approach

Cloud Migrations

Migrating to the cloud can be a timely and complex task.

We can help you migrate your services, whether it be migrating like for like to an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model or adapting your applications to utilise Platform or Solution as a service (Paas / Saas) models.

Our team of skilled and highly experienced cloud architects and cloud engineers can assist from the design, the migration and the go live of your applications in the cloud.

Cloud Connectivity

Ensuring your network is cloud ready is one of the most important steps for any organisation looking to migrate to the cloud.

We have extensive experience helping organisations in both the private and public sector to determine and implement the right connectivity to compliment their cloud services.

Whether it is publicly accessible services such as software as a service based applications, or internal applications that rely on private connectivity, we can help ensure you have the right connectivity in place.

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