Azure Virtual Desktop

Secure Remote Access to your desktop and apps from anywhere

Windows Virtual Desktop enables secure remote work by providing a unique multi-session Windows 10 desktop for your end users. Hosted and managed within Microsoft Azure, Windows Virtual Desktop is secure, scalable and reliable.

Whether you are starting a new virtual desktop environment, or have an existing one you are looking to migrate, we can help you on that journey. We have a proven track record of transforming end user compute environments and unlocking the many benefits that Windows Virtual Desktop offers.

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Access your Desktop from anywhere and on any device

Easily connect to your virtual Windows desktop via web browser or a local client regardless of your device (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, ChromeBook)

Secure and Reliable

Built in intelligent security keeping your apps and data secure and compliant. Ability to detect threats and take action before they occur.

Easy to Deploy and Scalable

Simple deployment and management via the Azure portal, allowing you to scale up and down based on your needs.

Reduce Costs

Utilise your existing licenses to save costs alongside benefitting from a pay as you go model with ability to turn off or scale down during the quiet times.

Windows 10 Enterprise Multi-Session

Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure provides multi-session functionality for Windows 10 that is not available on other platforms or on-premise deployments.

Multi-Session enables multiple simultaneous sessions to the same Windows 10 desktop, saving you time and money by eliminating the need for a desktop for every user and separate RDS client access licenses.

Utilising additional tools such as FSLogix with Windows Virtual Desktop further enhances the multi-session user experience by allowing the user profile to be shared across any one of the Windows 10 desktop hosts, allowing load sharing and the ability for hosts to be added, deleted or replaced easily without the worry of impacting users data.

Seamless Integration with Microsoft 365 & Teams

Microsoft 365, or also referred to as Office 365, is Microsoft’s suite of productivity and collaboration tools including Outlook, Word, Excel and Teams.

Windows Virtual Desktop provides the same experience as a local desktop or laptop with these applications. Whether you are accessing your emails via the Outlook app, creating a document within Word, accessing your files via OneDrive or collaborating via Teams, all work seamlessly within the virtual desktop.

Microsoft Partner

Infra Dynamic are a certified Microsoft partner and can help your business migrate to Windows Virtual Desktop

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